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Day 403 - Headed to Newton Center on Tuesday - Join Me


Tuesday 10:00 am I am going to to Newton Community Center to start clearing the area. Please help if you can. Lets turn this area upside and pick up what lays on the ground to protect the area water ways and Chesapeake Bay!!

Lets be spotless like Stowe Vermont

I visited here last week and yes I found it to be the cleanest place I have visited. What will be the next litter free town I see?


On this 8th day of August 2022 I finally accepted my retirement and realize I will never go back to work again. That was depressing until I found a purpose with this litter issue. My new job will be that of aspiring author. My plan is to tour our country and write about the issues we face with this tremendous litter issue. When will people figure out that the litter they tossed aside is literally killing or effectively screwing with every living on organism.

My title will be Traveling Trash Man Clears America and I an putting it on Amazon. Yes I will sell all of 4 copies but that's ok. These next two years will be a struggle with some serious very difficult surgery to overcome. I will just a matter of time.


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