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Blue Skies

** Leave No Trace **
Salisbury Zoo
Salisbury City Park
Ben's Red Swings


Leave no trace principles are guidelines for minimizing the environmental impact of outdoor activitiesThese are simple rules to follow which will protect our planet from our human interference with our planet.   When visiting the Salisbury City Park, Salisbury Zoo, or Ben's Red Swings follow these rules

  • Plan ahead and bring a trash bag with you.  Carry out what you bring with you

  • Never toss cigarettes on the ground.  Best not to smoke in the City Park and no smoking at our Zoo or Ben's Red Swings

  • Dispose of waste properly using trash cans spread all over these areas which are maintained by our Salisbury City staff

  • Leave what you find unless its your kid that would be bad!

  • Minimize human impact and stay on the walking paths when possible

  • Respect our incredible local wildlife

  • Be considerate of other visitors and watch your noise level.  Noise pollution should be kept to a minimum so no loud music in these areas



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