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Blue Skies

COVID - 2020- 2022

Blue Skies

My story began at the beginning of 2020 the year we all want to forget because we were introduced to Covid-19..  The new year began with my mother taking a trip to the hospital after complaining about a sore hip. She was released nearly 24 hours later, and was promised a hospital bed for her home to help ease her pain. However, the bed never came, and my mother passed away unexpectedly on the morning of January 20th. A few months later,  COVID-19 had its grip on on the world as we knew it. Due to my health issues, I was advised by my doctor that it was too much of a health risk for me to continue working. With that, my time at Rosenthal Jaguar-Land Rover had come to an abrupt end.  Fast forward to May, my father was admitted to the hospital for disorientation. With the ongoing pandemic, my family and I were not able to visit him, and soon enough the virus took its hold on my father. On May 26th, he joined my Mother in heaven. Losing my wonderful parents has been the most difficult thing I have ever experienced.  Thankfully I still have my son David, my daughter Madeline, and brother Glenn.  Just when I thought that the year could not get any worse, my brother, daughter, and I were all diagnosed with COVID-19. I figured I had two weeks left to live, but thankfully, 2020 had other plans for me. I, as well as my brother and daughter thank God beat COVID. In August, my brother and I decided to sell my parent's home and start fresh in Salisbury. We landed here because of their hospital's talented cardiac program. Having had a bypass done in 2017, having a good heart doctor close by is important to me.  This turned out to be a great choice as I needed surgery again and it was very succesful.


The clean up begins - Upon arriving in Salisbury, my brother and I stayed off River Walk for a few weeks while looking for a permanent place to live. Salisbury quickly began to feel like home. We met some nice people at Market Street Inn, Mogan's Oyster House, and the new Guido's Burritos.  Once settled into Canal Woods, I started going on walks in attempt to regain some strength that COVID had taken out of me. It wasn't long before I started wondering, does this town have any trash cans?  Trash littered the streets, parking lots, and parks. Everywhere I went, I saw trash. I knew something had to be done.  It started with one bag. A month later, I had picked up over 200 bags of trash. My job still was not done. I kept at it, day after day, and soon enough, people started to join in! I began documenting my daily pick-ups on Facebook, where I gained a following. Local news stations began covering the clean up journey, and thus, created by my daughter, Madeline in honor of her grandparents, The Faunce Foundation was born. 

Despite the darkness that 2020 brought, we emerge with a new, brighter purpose. 


We are going to clean this city until it sparkles. The beacon of cleanliness that shines from the heart of Salisbury will inspire communities far and wide to take care of the place we call home. All I ask, is that you open your eyes when you move about your daily life. Notice and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you  Join me and other volunteers to make our Mother Earth shine.   Here is Salisbury Md here at the Faunce Foundation, every day is Earth Day!


Trash buildup is a global issue, but it all starts at home.   Starting in 2024 when my rehab begins I will be working on keeping our City park and Zoo clean for visitors.

Ask yourself this: Does my waste get disposed of properly? Think of every Amazon package, Starbucks straw, grocery bag. We live in a world where trash is inevitable, but the way we dispose of trash is up to us, and it is our duty to Mother Earth to do so properly. 

 Step one: start the conversation.  By all means, talk to your children and instill these principles early in life. Let's protect the only home we have. Earth is our joint living room after all.  I know what I pick up is not my trash but if its thrown out in my homes yard, a parking lot, no matter where I can I am holding myself responsible.  I challenge you to do the same.  Be careful once you start you will be addicted.  This addiction is good for you.  The walking and bending over is my free gym.  I invite anyone to join.  We are 100% a volunteer group.  

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