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Day 380 - Canal Woods Clearing Continues

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

I picked up these buckets starting around 10:30am. I cleared my neighborhood if litter and will continue to do so until my area of Salisbury is spotless. I am sure I picked up over 500 cigarette butts alone today. Going to take a break and relax until it cools off. When I start back I will be at Auto Zone in South Salisbury headed north. I started the day with 6 buckets and already had a huge bag cleared and more coming off the roadside later tonight. I had a full day of rest yesterday so feel very good today and getting some exercise in. Who know today I may break a bucket record.

For the next few months I am staying close to home so Canal Woods and surrounding neighborhoods will be super clean in a few weeks time. I post what I clear on #clearsby

I managed to grab a few more buckets and finally moved on to Pat’s Pizza they have very good pizza and its cheap!! The first photo was from earlier and what I pulled that was 6 buckets full and now its in a dumpster the home it wanted to be in I guess.

My next stop I landed in Pat’s Pizza parking lot headed north toward the hospital. Behind me all the way from Hardee’s to Canal Woods it getting pretty clean. I have a few spots to clear today but when I am done it would be hard to find two cigarette butts sitting together.

I made it all the way down to the Pit & Pub here on Salisbury Blvd. Tomorrow I will spend some time close to home and South Division St as it heads from the south end down to the hospital. The buckets kept filling up all in all I topped out out 11 buckets cleared which comes to 2 huge green bags removed from our streets. I can say what I want here which is cool. #cleanupwithcraig, #fauncestrong, #fauncestrong

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