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Day 378 - Started on S. Park Dr

This area near the front of the park. It is very well shaded so I like to stop here when it is hot. Started off the day with 3 buckets for the day. Next stop closer to home. Will see what

I came across a good mess at Halo on South Division St picked up a quick bucket with hundreds of cigarette butts. Getting hit so it is break time I will clear Honeysuckle Rd as a final spot in the way home. This is slow and tedious but I need to keep moving. I have lots to see and experience in this life after all. Take each day as a gift. We rarely do this and now more then ever do we need to. Currently sitting at 4 buckets for the day. Plus it is scorching hot.

My final clearing of the day here at Honeysuckle Rd near Trax Deli. My home area is looking better every day. I wonder if the people that live here even notice the difference. #clearsby

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