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Mon - Tues Dec. 14 - 15, 2020

Monday was total wash out so got nothing done but did watch one of the best Monday Night Football games I have seen in years. Ravens won and this game had everything including some serious hgh drama moments. Baltimore's kick should just be named money I think they pit his Mnday night career stat as 24 for 25 that is remararkable.


Tuesday came around and I met Carolyn and Alexandra. Today we picked up an area near the Salisbury VFW and by the Elks Lodge next to the golf coarse, Most a commercial area but a few houses are loctaed here. I know it is frustarting for the home owner or renter but please do try to keep your home area litter free.

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Taking a rest

Today I spent the day in my home community. Tomorrow I am getting my steps in along S Salisbury Blvd


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