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Day 8 of 200 for 2024. Met with Beach Heroes OC on 48th St

27 volunteers came out on a cold and windy morning. It was amazing to see what a group can accomplish in just an hour. I will definitely be back to join them again and again in the near future! The last two pictures are from Honeysuckle Dr that I cleared yesterday. Someone deposited 2 empty plastic 1/2 gallons of bourbon on their lawn. I just can't let this be on my home community. If you feel the same about your own please message me. I will get you supplied with ith all the safety gear and supplies you need to alter the face of your own neighborhood. It's simple and great for your health. If you do please post your pictures on the Restore the Shore- Salisbury page on Facebook. It will make your day and change your life I can guarantee that. I will be back next Tuesday with a weekly update and hope I find less and less as time goes by.

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