Tips & IDEAS

                                                   OUR FOCUS

                                   CLEANING UP SALISBURY DAY BY DAY

As a waterfront community the businesses and community residents of Salisbury and surrounding areas have an obligation to protect the Wicomico River watershed, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean and beyond.  

1. Do not litter - EVER. The trash belongs in the trash every time

2. Pick it up if you see something on the ground by your home, in your parking lot at work, at the store.  Does it really matter just pick it up safely and we all win.

3. Create less trash to begin with.  Do you  need a bag with every purchase?  By chance if you do not need a bag tell the cashier at check out "No bag needed today"

4. Make a lifelong commitment.  It is our responsibility to protect the environment for future generations.

5. Keep trash cans useable - report full cans to businesses so they can empty when needed.

6. Skip the straw or buy reusable straws to carry with you when dining out.

7. Car windows are not trash cans.  Save it until you get home or toss it out at a gas station.

8. Idea from Shawna Morris new resident of Salisbury.  Establish neighborhood groups that help maintain individual communities.  We all win in the end!

9. Educate our children when they are young on the importance of leading a litter free life.

10. By chance if you see something don't ignore it.  Think of our Earth as your living room and keep it clean all the time.