Vermont (9) Just entering Vermont


I pulled over at a small cove with a boat ramp. It was very clean but still I managed to grab a bunch of cigarettes and a few plastic pieces. Very impressed with Vermont so far. I am looking forward to seeing Stow in person. I would love to come back and ski some day I just need an ankle repair.


Now I am officially in Vermont that stop was still New Hampshire. The rest was very clean but still managed to find my cigarettes and debris. Conservative to say Walmart in New Hampshire had more cigarettes in 6 feet of roadway then both these spots combined.


I just arrived in the picturesque town of Stowe. I will be back to ski hopefully in 2024. I am having a giant add to the bucket list from this drive. Around each turn an equally beautiful and more stunning view. It is so green compared to rocky Colorado much is just rock so not much grows. This place gives Ireland a run for the money in terms of green!!

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