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Thursday Dec. 3, 2020

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Going to start off this morning on Route 13 at Canal Woods and walk north toward the campus of SU. Unfortunately I see this almost every day as I drive out to main road. Same place but different restaurants. This just makes zero sense. If you see something like this please stop and pick it up.


30 feet down the road another meal package so must be dinner for two.


Hit the area from Fruitland to first light In Salisbury. I came across a Mitsubishi tire cover and the typical plastic. The water runs between Fruitland and Salisbury plus they have drainage through the center strip of highway.

This is just in front of where I live and think some comes from stuff flying out of pick up trucks driving down the road.


The day ended up with 6 bags total including the the ones I grabbed early on Route 13. Carolyn and I hit the other end of 13 from Walgreens to University Car Wash. I am at Mogan’s Oyster House the food here is crazy good.

Actually our friend Michelle Nelson picked up her area today adding two more bags for 8 total.

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