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Thursday Dec. 10 2020

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Big day number 50 and for me personally it was 16 years ago I had my first heart attack at 40 years of age. This exercise has helped me tremendously so I am going to stick with it until the people of Salisbury tell me to move back to Rockville. Just kidding the people here have been so supportive of this project and I am happy to report we hit 10 people total that have come out. Looking for a few hundred more. If you can please pitch in.

Carolyn Johnson and I started at Walgreens and walked toward the hospital. 5 bags in all. Took lots of pictures to show what we grabbed. On one storm drain was a little fishing line. upon pulling it up it kept coming and coming. Hundreds of feet of fishing line just horrible for the water. How does this end up in a storm drain? We all need to pay attention and make sure every piece of our disposable life makes it into a trash can.


Look it Is a giant trash tree. That is so high up no way we could get it. Eventually it will fall out along Route 13 in Salisbury near the hospital. Headed to Route 13 near Canal Woods have to hit it every few days or it comes back.

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