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Saturday Dec. 5 2020

Update: Cleaned the are across the street form Hospital. With Cynthia today grabbed 6 bags total. Those big ones hold 3 - 13 gallon bags

Melissa Cullen reached out time this morning to show what she did the other day. This is what it’s all about. In a city of 30,000 people we could use more volunteers like Melissa


I also was contacted by Cynthia Casagrande who lives in Mt Hermon she picked up in her area the other day and posted a picture with needles and medical waste. Scary stuff be careful always wear protective gear


I received these from Amazon someone sent through the website I believe. Thanks so much we will put to good use

Today I am out by myself for a quiet day I am headed over to finish up an area the guys from Alpha Phi Omega hit the other day. There a particularly bad spot next to a house near the corner. Picture coming after I am done. Will update later today.


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