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Massachusetts (6) Chatham Mass bound

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Looking forward to spending a little time in Chatham. Maybe I can catch a baseball game at the park. It will be like going back in time. I have to visit Captains Walk where my grandparents lived. I will spend the entire day and part of tomorrow checking out the town before headed north toward Maine. Came across Faunce Rd on the way to Chatham so I stopped at the first rest area on Cape Cod. This area even had a boat ramp we are on the water here. The trash was not to heavy but the cigarettes were all over by the thousands. I got most but not all but I know it is far better them it was this morning.

The next rest stop was a scenic overlook of the Cape Cod Canal which was finished in 1914. That took a lot of digging!

I made it to my final destination the Wayside Inn in Chatham Mass. The town just oozes with charm and beauty. 25 plus years goes fast. I need to travel more this little drive has convinced me of this. Best clam chowder on the planet!!

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