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Pennsylvania (10) York - Walmart

On my way home I stopped here to rest. I am clearing a bit here to earn my Pennsylvania sticker. I met a nice woman at the Critter Store at Mirror Lake in the Lake Placid area. I still need my Maryland signature on my cigarettes I cleared from this trip. What you see is actually just a portion most went into the trash bags I tossed in the area dumpsters. Its sure hot already but need signature from Michelle Nelson. My friend I net through this movement. Her family has been incredibly kind since are first roadside encounter. Thank you for all you do Michelle. The writing she does for shop local are must reads. Today I drive to Frederick to see my daughter Madeline. My kids are doing so well and I am quite proud of you both. Do you think Frederick has litter? Can anyplace be like Stowe? These are the spots I want the rest of USA to live like. When that happens m job is complete!!

My view when I opened my van door. It did nit take long to clear 3 buckets of crud from Pennsylvania. I man from came to PA and left it cleaner and greener!!

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