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New Jersey (3) Stone Harbor

As I jumped off the exit at Stone Harbor I saw a sign for Kindle Ford. A well lit huge lot I figured would have some cigarettes for my bucket of butts. The ferry ride was very smooth and a relaxing 80 minute trip. Next up is finding a safe place to park for the night. The adventure begins but with 47 states to go I have plenty of work to do. Tomorrow I want to get to the beach early weather permitting and take off around 1 to go toward Mystic Connecticut. I saw a $52k full soze Ford Bronco. So gorgeous if only I win the billion dollar lottery. That last few months of life would be spectacular lol. I can't say that type if thing on Facebook as people as so judgmental. Tomorrow will see me hit a few more states on the quest for 50. I am actually at 4 since I have cleared about 5000 bags of trash from Salisbury I got that covered

My next stop and home for the evening is the local Walmart. Very similar results here in New Jersey we are failing our planet. This is a large lot and cleared a billion cigarettes. I have never seen such quantities spread out in everything and everywhere. Will people ever wake up or will we just destroy ourselves? I think we all know the sad answer to this. They will stay blind it is what we do as people.

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