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Monday Dec. 7 2020

Started the day by contacting Taco Bell, Popeyes, and Wendy’s about not having available trash cans on the restaurant locations. It’s easy just go to their web pages and find contact us. Maybe if more people say something they will act. They trash is all over town I am not saying it’s their fault but at a minimum they could provide a few trash cans.


I met up with Elizabeth she is from North Salisbury. We met at the Planet Fitness parking lot and picked up a good size area. It’s never hard to find but it was cold and a little windy. We even had so snow flurries. Thanks Elizabeth I appreciate your help and time.

Elizabeth Parker with her trash picker. It does not look like it but we battled snow flurries!


Picked up two more bags off Route 13 near my favorite Trax Deli - the job is never done but closer every day!

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