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Location: Salisbury Dykes Rd

I stopped by S Division St and Dykes Rd to clean the spot near and around Bundles of Joy pre-school. All the little ones came up and asked so many questions while thanking me for cleaning up their play area. I do not go far these days but this one spot is practically free of litter down to the cigarette butts and filters. They are all headed to the dump later today. Leaving the childrens area clear made for a nice feeling driving off. So please uf you are in this location let‘s keep it clean for the kids!! Off to the next spot I really have no clue where I will land.

The final 3 pictures show the business Marshall Hotels & Resorts - Corporate Offices. The people care about how it is perceived and the community they work in. The lawns and gardens are meticulous. I took the time around here these people deserve a clean area around them!

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