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Day 410 - Green SBY hits Salisbury

Early this morning I met up with Andy Blizzard of Berlin Md. Andy and I met through this cleaning commitment we have to the Delmarva area. He is the founder of Restore the Shore Berlin and teams with Andrew Dulley who owns Seagul Disposal here in town. The group did a great job clearing the downtown area. Andy and I went over to City Park expecting a mess and were pleasantly surprised and didn't even fill a bucket. Hats off to Jacob Day & Julia for keeping the city running smoothly. Last night I was here as the city crew was working on emptying every can and they have many. We are very lucky to have the bright enthusiastic minds running the city. Two years living here I feel this is home and I could not be happier. The only and terrible negative is being away from my kids. Madeline & David are doing amazing and certainly don't need me at this point but I just miss seeing their faces. Sad I stay away from politics if you mention Jake's name it can get insanely emotional responses. Never have I seen such a love hate situation.

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