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Day 407 - Clearing Frederick Md

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

I live coming to Frederick the area is so beautiful and filled with history. This really is were this country was founded. I caught this hot air balloon by the airport. Home to the best breakfast in Frederick. Well at least that is my perpetual opinion.

Zoomed way I got terrible picture quality. Definitely a wish list item just thinking where would be a good place to earn my float wings. See the balloon way out and up it looks tiny as can be. At least I cleared some cigarettes and trash out of the small airport lot. Another spot left cleaner and greener! That just makes my day.

On the way back to Salisbury I stopped off at the Maryland Welcome Center a large rest area on I-95. We failed miserably really as the spot was covered in cigarettes and litter. I get the idea this will never get better

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