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Day 405 - Back home to Canal Woods

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

For skipping my home neighborhood for about 10 days it looks pretty good. I grabbed these buckets directly on Canal Park Drive. Nice and cool this morning I was attacked by a complete bitch. Yes I called her one upon leaving. A disabled man lives in the building. He cannot do stairs so I, another disabled man volunteered to help him. He paid me today which is very nice but not necessary I will put it toward fuel for my next trip. Will be much harder this time around ai am driving substantially more miles and some of the areas are quite hot. Take me to the mountains of the North East from Mt Washington to Whiteface that was perfect weather for traveling by van.


I know this digital data will long outlast life. Interesting to think if my great great grandkid reading about his family. So if you are kid, sorry I tried not enough people cared!!


I stopped by the Salisbury City Park I have to come here several times a week. Visitors leave everything and the kitchen sink. The city has trash cans all over and they ho unused. How stupid our humans. Answer - idiots

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