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Day 404 - Newton Community Project Begins

I was in and around the new facility called the Newton Community Center. This resource for area children needs to be protected. I just a few blocks I completely filled a 55 gallon bag. It is headed to the Mack Rd drop off. So thanks so much to our mayor who was at this spot yesterday talking to the kids at center. He even picked up while in the area. I only takes a little effort to make a huge change. I know it will come back but at least for a moment the kids I left are playing in a clean park.

It was so hot calling it quits for the day and headed to Ocean City!


Thanks Mayor Day for the street sweeper hitting near home at Canal Woods.

Still in the Newton Center area have gone out 4 times its super hot. I hopefully will not die that would be a stupid way to go. All watered up and cooled down. Round 5 up next but here is what I gathered so far.


For a brief few moments I thought I was going to beaten by a young man. I evidently stepped in grass that was not mine. It sure as hell was his land but I guess he was being protective of his community and that is actually kind of great. I just need him to see I am only trying to help the community. I don't have money to give so I give my time and effort. Why well thats easy walk around and see all the little kids it is for them. They have a right to a clean home. Most homes are fine but now and then you see a complete mess and its left to blow in the streets and wash down the drain to the bay. We just have to do a better job we are wasting precious time. The litter is not picking itself up so there is one option. Human effort. Join me please its fun, lose weight, make a city beautiful, protect the bay, ai can give reason after reason but I am at a loss as to why we need a reason to clear litter.

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