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Day 402 - Clearing Newton St

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

I stopped by this morning to take a some photos of the new Newton Community Center. I two minutes I cleared half a bucket if litter. What I am trying to say it does not take to change the way a community looks.

I will be coming to this spot every Tuesday and Friday weather permitting to clear litter from the streets, drains, and yards in around this center, the City Tot Lot across the street and Camden Gardens.

Tomorrow planning to Wisconsin begins with a visit to AAA for some roadtrip planning help. This next trip will exceed 2000 miles so I have some tweaking to do. By the time I go West of the Mississippi I will have it down.

Check out this beautiful bird who hangs out in Canal Woods. They like it being clean I try to keep it that way.


I dropped by Walmart to grab a few things. This the Fruitland Walmart and much like Walmart in the beautiful White Mountains is trashed and the litter looks oddly the same. I wish someone would get this to someone at Walmart that actually cared about the community they serve versus just cash register for pro sport teams and yachts that look like cruise ships. I have never been to a Walmart lot that is maintained. The trash cans although great to have have no benefit when always full.

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