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Day 398 - getting used to the heat. Turn it up!!

Just kidding its hot as hell. Cannot believe day 400 is just around the corner. Today I started at the stretch between Cook Out and Wendy's. Unfortunately this is a guaranteed pick up spot for garbage. Wendy's still provides nothing evidently due to Covid. Please what a joke. The area behind these place's gets crushed almost every evening after bars close. I already filled a bug orange bag for the day and it's not even noon. Feels great to clean my town it feels amazing leaving a place clear for residents to enjoy.


Next stop here in Salisbury at Seagull Disposal Office off Eastern Shore Dr. Do yourself and community a favor. Hire this local company for weekly trash removal and bulk pick up. They can meet all your business and personal trash company needs.


Green SBY has a scheduled event August 20. Would be fantastic to get some support from local residents. Details can be found on the Green SBY Facebook page.


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