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Day 387 - South Salisbury is Clean!!!!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

I cannot believe how well my neighborhood is coming together almost no litter and even pulled the cigarettes off the streets and parking lots up and down Rt 13 down College Ave to South Division. Its about a 3 mile square and I go out daily trying to clear litter from our street’s. It is working. Seriously from Canal Woods all the way to Campus looks the way it should. Now I just have to maintain it. Basically that what I did this morning. All this stuff is headed to the Salisbury dump where it belongs.


I kept on going and cleared an awful lot today. South Salisbury is looking good!!

The area by Royal Farms on Dykes Rd. is all clear now. These stations need to do more and help keep their lots litter free. Currently they really are the worst along with Wawa for messiest gas station .

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