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Day 383 - The neighborhood is looking better every day

I started today at Auto Zone there parking lot was a mess. I grabbed a bucket here and them went to the other side of the highway to clear the area around the Trek Bike shop here ai grabbed another bucket so 2 buckets to start the day is a good start. It is warm already so I need to find a shaded area to pick up. The quest for a clean Salisbury continues!! #clearsby

My next stop was around the Verizon store and grabbed from areas I cleared a few says before but not to much. Next up will be going next to home and clearing Lakeview Terrace by my pond.

The college students didn’t disappoint they always leave a mess. They live directly on the pond system that feeds the Wicomico. I grabbed another bucket bringing in 4 before noon so I beat the heat. I will go out in the early evening it is my favorite time to pick litter. Lake View Terrace is stunning when its clean.

I stopped off at the Salisbury University Maintenance facility on S Division and filled 2 big buckets that filled a big bag for the day. Total buckets 6 so 6 fills a bag. Canal Woods is looking better every day. I am concentrating on the area from Canal Woods to the University on College Ave until my ankle can get fixed I am keeping it close to home. I wonder if anyone even notices how clean the south end is currently. Who knows it doesn’t really matter it is for the future generation’s anyway.

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