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Day 381 - Clearing Salisbury: Pine Bluff Rd

My first stop today was Pine Bluff Rd across the street from my home. Its also home to the nice people at Salisbury Bible Church. I will be staying in this area today. I had to give my leg and hip a break from the boot. Unfortunately I cannot walk really we’ll without it but I have to keep moving to strengthen my heart before the next surgery on my ankle. The next stop is the road that runs parallel to the church. Maybe I will find litter ai typically do. #clearsby, #cleanupwithcraig, #fauncestrong

I kept on going to and cleared another road leading to Salisbury Bible Church. This spot was in need I cleared 2 buckets all within 1/4 mile from home so this is my neighborhood it is going to be clean. Next up I am going to the stretch of road leading to Fruitland on S. Salisbury Blvd. I forgot to take a picture of one I just do this to measure my activity.

My next stop around the corner I parked at PNC Bank and cleared another bucket. Its getting warm so taking a break for my daily exercise routine. it is slow and boring but it seems to be working. Boring is actually the complete wrong word as I find it almost mind lifting when I leave an area clean like today.


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