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Day 379 - Lost cat today very bummed

My tiny cat Vader got out today so I have been looking around my neighborhood and its super hot. Its crazy how much I worry about my little friend. Keeping fingers crossed she finds her way home not pregnant. The litter will have to wait until it cools off some this heat is tough. I dropped off yesterdays picked up material over at Mack Rd. The nice people here (Jacob Day and Julia Glanz) arranged for the use of the facility. I have cleared the area by Lake St and West Rd dozens of times since I began and it literally only gets worse. What on earth os wrong with humanity we are treating our home worse then a pig pen! The west part of town needs help. Perhaps someone from the area is willing to pitch in. I cannot walk any distance so just sticking close to home until I get past the ankle surgery. That is hopefully the next step toward better health.

At least it is a start 1 bucket for the day complete.


I cleared the area near home while looking for Vader the missing cat. That makes grand total of 2 buckets cleared. Not much but every straw counts!!

I kept searching for may cat around the condo and came across this pile of cigarette butts. The waters edge just a few feet away they might as well have thrown them in the water.

I kept at the cat search in Canal Woods. Grabbed one more bucket from my neighborhood and that always is nice. It is coming around I am sticking close to home for the time being as my movement is restricted


My energy level picked up so I stayed at it clearing the area at Peninsula Eye Center off S Division St. This is right in my back yard trying to keep my neighborhood litter free for the children in the area. I even found a hub cap one of many car parts I find every day.

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