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Day 377 Clearing Salibsury

Staying near home I cleared the center roadway near the exit to Canal Woods. I finished 2 of the 5 areas and will clear more tomorrow. Next I am headed to Dykes Rd & S Division intersection.

First stop - 2 buckets

I cleared 2 more for the day at my second location. These locations are very popular and have high traffic coming in and out. These spits could use more trash cans. It would help to empty them. Headed home so the last spit will be home looking to fill 1 bucket to hut 5 for the day. I may move slow as a turtle but for me standing is exercise!

Second stop - 2 buckets 4 total for day

I saw a big mess at corner by Wendy’s across from the Salisbury Main campus. Its always a mess here not sure why.

Third stop - 4 buckets 8 total for the day. Filled an entire industrial bag and it to be disposed of properly. Great exercise today I was really enjoying the weather and perfect temperature as well. Headed home and will see how my neighborhood is doin. #clearsby

Thanks to the city workers at Mack Rd for allowing me to bring the litter here to proper disposal.

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