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Day 376 - The Quest Continues

I am sticking close to home and walking much shorter distances. One of the bands on my boot to secure ankle is broken and I cannot get in until mid July. This thing has to last until November. It is June and I fixed it with good old duck tape. Holding for now it is going to he close. I cannot walk on the ankle with a boot or crutches as the ankle does not function. Evidently I am a magician because some how I made mine vanish. Anyway the exercise always feels good I am starting a different way yo measure my day. Today was a 3 bucket day and could have done more but looked like soon. I even found a discarded old crab 🦀 catcher thing. The area will take me a few days to get a handle on but if anyone sees this keep keep an eye on Salisbury South it is getting picked up.

Tomorrow is a new day I am going to continue clearing the area headed northward toward the University. #clearsby

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