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Berlin Maryland is Clean

I stopped by the hand surgeons office today to see if my hand requires a surgical repair. I arrived about 30 minutes early so I thought why not use the time and help my friend Andy Blizzard who manages Restore the Shore Berlin and also helps with Restore the Shore Salisbury with Andrew Duley and I from Seagull Disposal.

Let me just say this because its so easy to see. The residents of Berlin get it. They care about the community they live in and protect the environment around them. I literally found 2 drink cups and some cigarette butts and not many of those either in comparison to what I see. By the time I reach all 50 states I will be an expert on getting rid of litter. Taking the day off I am not counting today in my days count because it was so clean! Way to go Andy and Andrew!!


Yesterday I pulled a total of 21 packed buckets of litter taken from the area around the Newton Community Center. Very productive day the area looked much better without trash lying about all over. Here is what I grabbed. Now what would happen to this material of not picked up. The answer: your Chesapeake Bay. This is a real threat to society and very few care.

Made it to Ocean City tine to chill

On the way home from the beach I dropped off at Dykes Rd and cleared a good bit out in the cornfields. Why do people throw so much out windows I would an explanation other then two words ass hole!!

Grabbed a bunch more so Salisbury is cleaner today for a short while I guess

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