Our Mission

The Faunce Foundation operates under the belief that a single action can make a huge impact in a community, and collective action can change the world. We want to spread a message of hope and compassion to all people. Through advocacy and outreach activities, we strive to bring out the best, cleanest version of Salisbury, and inspire the world around us to do the same. Having lost both my parents in 2020 the move to Salisbury, recently dubbed the Kindness City, has proved to be good for the soul. My journey began on my birthday, September 23rd, 2020, and it has been an adventure to say the least. 

Best Regards,

Craig Faunce

"aka" Salisbury Eco-Man

Credit: Rick Downing

Raleigh, NC


T: 301-655-7112

E: thefauncefoundation@gmail.com

Dedicated in loving memory of my parents

Irvin E. Faunce Jr. and Sandra D. Faunce


Thank you for showing me the world.